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Copenhagen in Retrospect: First Impressions and Overview of the World’s Happiest City

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

My first moment in Copenhagen was met by the utter lack of chaos in Kobenhavn Airport. Everything was operating smoothly in an environment I could only describe as lustrous. I left this country without seeing dust and I had dinner at an underground restaurant at some point. Imagine that. Read more.

Autumn Travels: Discover the Magic of Prague

Prague, Czechia

Their history is studded with events of random defenestration and for that reason, (among others) Prague had my full attention. Once upon a time, the leaders of their society had such a bad day that they decided to take an obvious solution: throw their enemies out the window. Read More

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Exposing Cardiff’s Well Kept Secret: A Foodie Paradise in the Making

Dragon Rarebit

Foodie. Food Porn.#yum. Sounds familiar? Of course, no smartphone owning human being can deny the guilty pleasure of posting that delicious medium rare rib-eye for dinner, that perfect cuppa at the new coffee shop near the office or that time they dined at that Michelin starred restaurant. Read More 

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The 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Batanes by Pepe Samson

Ahhh.. Batanes. An item on everyone’s bucket list. A much – desired destination. A dream for every traveler, a mission for every wandering soul. Read More.

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