Mission Statement

Viajera is here to celebrate the joy of travel through truthful and passionate writing based on research, personal experience and travel reveries. I am here for people who are looking for their next travel adventure – or are in the middle of one. Most especially to those who are in the middle of one – cheers to you.

The Author

26Viajera is a travel blog by Joan Katrina Cruz, a Pinay nurse currently stuck in London. When she isn’t out saving lives (literally), she finds time to catch up on her reading list and books flights to places she’s never been to. ***During her interview with Times Magazine about her travels, she said “Europe is an interestingly exciting experience – especially when your phone dies and you have no access to Google Maps. Try getting lost in a place you’ve never been to with people speaking a language that sounds like a vehicular accident. You’ll know what I mean.” This blog is a compilation of her happy travel stories – and mishaps.

The name of the blog is inspired by F. Sionil Jose’s novel Viajero. A self- confessed fan of the National Artist’s work, her writing style is often influenced by Sionil’s wisdom written all over his books.

***This only happened in her dreams.

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